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The Department of Physiology is located in the 1st floor of the College building. The department has got its own experimental laboratory and tutorial rooms with adequate floor spaces. Physiology courses are run in modules specified by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council. Interactive teaching methodologies are followed.

Attendance and term examination marks are used as progressive formative assessment tools.

A total of 380 contact hours are covered with the following divisions:
Lecture 120 hours, Tutorials 120 hours, practical 120 hours, and integrated teaching 20 hours. Student seminars are practiced. The department tries to promote independent learning habits amongst the students and achieve competency skills as envisaged by the BM&DC. Preparations are in progress for mounting postgraduate courses in physiology leading to or M.Phil degree.

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Prof. Dr. Ayesha Yasmin Full Time

MBBS, M. Phil

Professor & Head of the Department
+880 1811914969

Room no- 207

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Dr. Kamrunnahar Alo Full Time

MBBS, M.Phil

Associate Professor
+880 1767716950

Room No: 207

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Dr. Habiba Akter Full Time

MBBS, M. Phil

Assistant Professor
+880 1722571570

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Aug 16, 2022
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Aug 01, 2022
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