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Brief about the Department of " Paediatric Haematology and Oncology '
- Accepting a diagnosis of child with cancer or a serious blood disease can frighten a whole family in a moment!  Uphold you in these subversive situations by best navigate management options  to bring  back & maintain a healthy life of your child is at the core of the heart of our departmental dedication.
Department of  paediatric hematology and oncology; KYMCH  offers comprehensive services for the children with any types of blood disease or any types of cancer, based on updated management protocol by a veritable paediatric hematologist and oncologist, besides doing all types of regular blood test, bone marrow aspiration / study, chemotherapy administration, lumber puncture and intrathecal chemotherapy administrations.The department is running with close collaboration of Pediatric department and with good harmony in Oncology department. 
Among the disease we commonly treat here :
Childhood hematological malignancies ( Leukemias),  lymphomas, Solid tumor-like; neuroblastoma,  Wilms tumor,  Sacromas, Hepatoblastoma,  Bone tumours, Brain tumours, Germ cell tumours; also other hematological diseases of children like, anaemia, thalassemia, bleeding disorders, ITP, Hemophilia etc.

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Dr. Md. Imrul Kaes Full Time


Assistant Professor
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Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College

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