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The department of Forensic Medicine is located on the 2nd floor of the College building with enough space according to the requirement of BMDC. The department of Forensic Medicine is a part of the 2nd Professional MBBS Examination. The student will be able to know how to do postmortem examination, issuing medico-legal reports & certificates, medical ethics, about legal procedure, rape victim examination, different types of injuries about common problems by using common poisons, narcotic drug and also snake bite, etc.

The department has tutorial rooms, a museum & a lecture gallery. The department has a well-equipped museum with weapons & different types of poison. Multimedia & videos are used in lecture & tutorial classes. The academic calendar is divided into two-term examinations with a total of 80 hours of lecture class, 110 hours of tutorial & practical classes 05 hours of integrated teaching classes. There are 10 days of postmortem examination class in Sirajganj Dist. Hospital & 4 days for a visit to court, police station, DNA lab & OCC ( one step crises center). 

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Dr. Muhammad Zubaidur Rahman Full Time


Associate Professor and HOD
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Room no- 307

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Prof. Dr. Md. Kamrul Hassan Sarder ,



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Dr. Laila Yesmin Full Time


Associate Professor
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Room No-309

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Dr. Joya Debnath Full Time


Associate Professor

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