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The department of medicine comprises internal medicine and allied subjects including pediatrics, cardiology, endocrinology, psychiatry, dermatology, nephrology, neurology, and physical medicine. Each of these departments is decorated with teaching staff and state-of-the-art medical facilities so that students can have the most updated medical knowledge.

Course Contents:
Course Contents include medicine and allied subjects. The course systemic instruction in the principles and practice of medicine includes Pediatrics, Behavioral sciences (Psychiatric disease), Skin and Venereal disease, and physical medicine.

The 31/2 years course of Medicine as per BM&DC updated curriculum, 2012 is strictly followed.

Students attend classes in medicine from the very beginning of the 3rd year and continue through the 5th year with a gradual increase in the bulk of medicine. In 3rd year-History taking, General & Systemic examination, Doctor-patient relationship, in 4th-year Symptom elaboration possible causes, differential diagnosis, plan of investigation, and in 5th year-Use of the instrument, procedure, Diseases investigation, and treatments.

Teaching Methodology:
All varieties of teaching setups are used e.g. audiovisual methods, but interactive participatory pedagogy is emphasized. Clinical students are placed in medicine and different allied departments for better learning. There is outdoor placement as well to observe the variety of cases and structured way of patient management. As per the BMDC curriculum, students are divided into small groups (4 students) for clinical presentations on different topics in integrated teaching and respective department and allied subject teachers remain as mentors for presentations.

Teaching modes:
     (1) Lectures
     (2) Integrated teaching
     (3) Tutorial classes
     (4) Besides clinical teaching and ward rounds
     (5) Objective Structured Practical Examination (OSPE)
     (6) Objective Structured Clinical Exam. (OSCE)
     (7) Block Posting etc. 

The clinical and practical courses in medicine are divided into 3 rounds, 1st round in 3rd year, 2nd round in 4th year, and 3rd round in 5th year. A 3rd-year final examination is held for promotion to 4th year. During each round students appear in item examinations and at the end of each round students appear inward ending of Card Final examinations following BM&DC evaluation system including Objective structured Practical Examination (OSPE), Objectives structured clinical Examination (OSPE), and Structured Oral Examination (SOE). At the end of 3rd round students are placed for block posting to have a quick review of whole clinical teaching and have to sit for the final assessment examination.

Record book:
The performance of each student is recorded in a book called Record Book.

The Faculty:
The Department has the required number and expertise of qualified teachers. Internal medicine and distinguished allied departments are headed by teachers who are specialist clinicians with good academic backgrounds. Teaching in the department full medicine as a whole is supervised by full professors, associate professors, assistant professors, and registrars who are engaged in delivering lectures and bedside teachings from internal medicine and distinguished allied departments. The curriculum is fully supported by a 586 deeded (presently functioning 500 beds) teaching hospital with state-of-the-art teaching facilities.

Final Professional examination:
Marks distribution:
Total Marks- 500 summative
* Written=200(MCQ-40+SAQ-140+marks for formative assessment-20=200)
* Oral and clinical-Oral- 150 + Clinical 100 =250
* OSPE- 50

Related Equipment:
Stethoscope, B.P. Machine, Hummer, Fluid bags, Blood bags, I.V. sets canula. Transfusion sets, Feeding tubes (Rye's tube), Catheter, airway, X-rays, ECG, Appliances, Water seal drainage bottle, ESR tube, LP needle, Tongue depressor. Bone marrow aspiration needle

During rounds, students appear in item examinations. At the end of each round students appear in Ward ending or Card Final examinations following BM&DC evaluation system including objective structured Practical Examination (OSPE), Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE), and Structured Oral Examination (SOE).

Prerequisites for appearing in the Final Professional MBBS Examination: 
University stipulated prerequisites are:
    (1)  Attending 75% of classes
    (2)  Passing of 3 (three) rounds of examination
    (3)  Qualifying in the Assessment tests for sent-up

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