Mission of KYAMC

  • Conducting MBBS courses
  • Facilitating high standard of teaching, health care and research
  • Providing health care and services to the individual & community

Institutional Objectives of KYAMC

  • To develop tomorrow’s health care leaders.
  • To educate the students to enhance the clinical services in order to set quality controls for clinical practices and to deliver health care services to the satisfactions of the patient.
  • To provide both primary and specialty health care services in the community.
  • To help students to adopt with future science and health care technology and development.
  • To train in inter-disciplinary method to promote their skill and acquire broad base knowledge as to how the medical science is flourishing.
  • To provide with practical experience on human side of medical science and prepare in quest to shape and educate for future development in science and health care
  • To create leadership in areas of medical science, education, research, patient care for participation, development and promotion of healthy community.
  • To motivate for prioritizing the health care services community outreach.
  • To develop an attitude of sympathy and empathy in rendering care to the individual and community at large.