Hospital Facilities

A high standard health care with updated diagnostic and service facilities are available in the attached teaching hospital KYAMCH. It has the modern teaching and research facilities in all the required subjects as well as the super specialized Cardio-thoracic, Neurosurgery and cancer in particular. The hospital is also having a number of clean Operation Theaters with central air-conditioning both at inpatient and outpatient

Parent & Teachers meeting

The college authority highly appreciates the counseling with the parent at a regular interval as well as whenever the parent feel for it in respect to improving the academic atmosphere of the college.


This is the only private institution where hostels for the students, accommodation for the faculty members, college building and teaching hospitals are located in the same complex. However, hostel accommodation for both male and female shall be provided as long as the seats are available. Allotment of seats is done on the first come first serve basis. All charges including utility fees must be paid in due time positively.

If any students prefer to live outside the campus he / she must obtain prior approval of the college authority.

Play Ground

This is the only private college that has big play grounds for outdoor sports like cricket, football, tennis and hockey etc within the campus.

Canteen Facility

A good canteen is located within the college campus. A snack/pastry shop, shopping mall and medicine shops are also available in the same area.

Co-curricular activities

Students are encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities like sport, debate, literary and socio-cultural events. They are encouraged to participate in cultural programs and also to take part in national day activities.

Health care and treatments for students

There are separate male and female students’
cabin in the hospital on reasonable token fee.